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Tree lopping is a tree maintenance form associated commonly with arborists and is misleading because arborists do not agree for tree lopping. They know it causes more harm down the line and it is regarded as a practice unacceptable by qualified arborists. Here are some of the reasons that tree lopping is avoided:

Stresses your tree

Lopping is not the same as pruning. It involves cutting the trees significant sections that it completely alters the crown-to-root ratio and affects its ability to create energy and food. Thus with lesser availability of leaves and branches, the ability of the tree to photosynthesis sunlight gets reduced considerably. This results in stresses to the tree and also affects its health, introducing uneven regrowth patterns tough to manage. In tree lopping severe cases, significant amounts of branches and leaves leads to tree dying only due to deprivation of energy.

 Poses dangers and risks

Homeowners believe tree lopping to offer benefits as they can shape their trees removing parts and branches, they consider unproductive. Actually, the tree lopping risks outweigh the benefits. The danger posed is high involving work above ground and in between branches and heavy tree parts. Tree lopping promotes branches growth less stable that may fall off. These new branches do not have the same strength as before tree lopping. So, there are the risks of getting injured by tree parts and falling branches.

A temporary solution

Tree lopping provides noticeable results, but the benefits are short-lived. Tree lopping is a temporary solution and suits aesthetic reasons. Tree lopping makes a tree inefficient and is really expensive if you consider lopping regularly.

 Introduces harmful conditions

Most people fail to realise that tree lopping damages the health of a tree and also exposes it to harmful conditions. Lopped sections are vulnerable to diseases and may harm the trees overall health. As they are weak, the lopped sections become prone to pests and insects. Tree lopping also spreads decay faster.

Devalue your property

Lopped trees are visually unappealing. In fact, fully grown trees enhance your property’s value. A lopped tree presents a negative effect even if the property is beautiful. Tree lopping refers to regular tree health and maintenance, involving more money. Instead consider other options as alternatives than considering tree lopping to be an option as standard tree maintenance.

Proper pruning, can help in shaping and structuring your tree the same way as a tree lopping can.  Actually, it is best to consult and get it done by some experienced and qualified specialists so that it produces better results. This will keep the trees healthier and they will undergo less stress. In case a tree removal expert or company just accepts or recommends tree lopping, it should be supported with a reasonable or good explanation. If they do not suggest an explanation, you need to be cautious of such people. Generally, good arborists are aware of tree lopping as an unacceptable standard for the maintenance of trees and is viewed as a bad practice.