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Trees in your compound make your home look beautiful.  Your yard with trees creates a shaded lounge area. This is also a lovely place to build a tree house or hang a tire swing to enjoy sometimes.

Why Do It?

Trees should be regularly trimmed, and sometimes even the branches are required to be cut off to ascertain the tree health and also the safety of your family and house. There are valid reasons for tree trimming and it can be a crucial part of your yard maintenance. Generally, it is best to prune the trees ensuring safety, this may be followed for health purposes and lastly for aesthetics.

Benefits of Tree trimming

  • Safety: Eliminating the branches from trees refers to the branches that may damage your property or people.
  • Tree Health: Cutting diseased or dead branches benefit the overall tree health. Pruning encourages trees to develop strong core structures such that they can withstand the elements.
  • Aesthetics: Tree trimming helps accentuate the physical tree appearance and also improve the fruit or flower production.

How Often?

The tree trimming trees once a year, particularly in the dormant season is recommended. However, tree trimming may become essential or inevitable to consider immediate trimming:

  • This may be required if the growth of the tree obstructs visibility of vehicles or pedestrians.
  • The growth of the tree threatens your property or home. If a tree required to be trimmed as it may damage your home, it is very important to call an arborist so that they may assist with tree trimming.
  • A storm resulting in limbs falling on power lines. Ensure to get in touch with the local utility company so that they handle the job deftly. It is dangerous even if it gets a bit closer to power lines. If so, immediately consider trimming of trees.

DIY Trimming

An important rule while tree trimming or cutting a tree is personal safety. The ideal way of helping is to ensure safety and this may be done by hiring an arborist to clip back the trees.  For trimming, there may be need for a ladder and sometimes the branches in close proximity to power lines poses potential danger, and the safest action is to leave it to a professional.

Yet, if you plan to trim your trees, consider this guide for assistance so that you will know if it is safe or not to go ahead with cutting branches:

  • If the branch diameter is under 5 centimeters, you may proceed
  • If they are between 5 and 10 centimeters diameter, think it over.
  • More than 10 centimeters, you must call an arborist.